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Gifts are used as a token of emotions all over the world. By giving gifts you can showcase emotions that were somehow difficult for you to showcase normally. Giving gifts is a practice that has existed for several centuries now. Old texts bear proof to this practice. Today the art of giving gifts have evolved over a long period of time. But even today gifts that are given are used to show emotions and feelings for several people.

A gift can go a longer way than some words. But people take the concept of gifts to be too narrow. Gifts can be anything, there’s no word of god that gifts have to be materialistic. Anything that you give to express your emotions can be successfully called as a gift.  Gifts also help to signify a number of things. Those things are:

  • Gifts signify trust between two people. Gifts help to showcase mutual trust between two people. Trust is one of the greatest emotions in human beings. Trusting brings in harmony between people and states.
  • Gifts are alsogiven to show mutual love and adoration. It is one of the most common reasons why gifts are given. Gifts show the truest form of love with something other than words.
  • Gifts are given to show common respect between two people. Respect is a rare emotion and gifts are a great way to how that.
  • Gifts are given to make peace between two countries or two people. Gifts are also given to sort out rifts and quarrels between two individuals.
  • Giving gifts is one of the most ancient social norms. This norm has existed for several thousand years. People find it very traditional to give gifts on certain special occasions. It is a tradition that does not harm and is something to be preserved.
  • Giving gifts also brings a lot of positivity. It is a good thing to give gifts as it bestows happiness for the receiver.
  • Giving gifts can also be a way to show your gratitude to someone. Gratitude and thanks are beautiful and important emotions in human beings and giving gifts are a good way to showcase that.
  • Gifts can be used as a token of blessing between two people on auspicious events like births, gifts are given to bless the newborn.
  • Gifts are given to keep a healthy relationship even in professional fields. A little happiness never does any harm, rather is a good way to maintain a healthy professional and ethical relationship.

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Fashion has always been a way to express and to hide. With fashion you can express what you feel like and what you believe in. Fashion can also act as a way to hide certain emotions underneath your clothes. Fashion is not only about the clothes you put on. Everything you wear tells a story, a story that you create that knows a lot about you. The fabric of every new dress you buy is embedded with your personal taste and choice, also speaking about the way you believe and see the world.

Particularly for teens, fashion can become a great tool to express their idea. Teenage is a stormy time for everyone. Teens go through a lot during this time, with the bodies changing and their situation. In these periods they wish to change as well, and more than that, they wish to express what they feel. Fashion can be a way to show the changes they go through, by being a harbringer

These are the best teen fashion ideas.

THE NERDY LOOK: The nerdy look comprises of straight colored or checker t-shirts for teenagers. It consists of single colored pants or skirts, with glasses. Sounds stereotypical? For many years we have seen in movies students who can be categorized as nerds wear these exact types of clothes. Being nerdy or liking books is something you possess, and it cannot be justified with a certain type of attire. But the basic catch of this look is that you “you don’t care about being colorful or in fashion, but in books and knowledge”.

THE PINK BARBIE: Barbie dolls have been in rage since their invention in the nineties. Barbie dolls are mostly seen in pink colored clothes. This created a rage in the fashion world. Pink colored clothes are still a thing for girls today. To thousands of people all over the world, the color pink signifies femininity. Wearing ping enlaces your inner goddess and makes you feel more like that pretty barbie doll that you adored when you were a kid. It consists of pink and sometimes black color clothes, with straight and flowing hair.

THE COMFORT QUEEN: There’s no specific type of clothes for this. This fashion idea focuses on whatever that you find to be comfortable for you. It can be a pair of jeans, or your large t-shirt, the only focus is that you feel like yourself and at comfort wearing these clothes.

THE DENIM LOOK:Nobody looks bad in a denim. Denims can be worn as pants or as jackets or even as tops and dungarees. The denim look gives you a nineties feeling along with a lot of comfort because hello, it is jeans after all. It is an extremely popular look and can be styles with any kind of hair, and it is all about finding that denim goddess in you.

THE RETRO: Ah! The Retro look. This look can neve be out of fashion even when it is out of fashion. If you have a thing for the clothes that were worn before you were born, go for the retro look. Pack it with a plaited skirt and a sweater top or vest, and put your hair up in a messy bun. Don’t forget to make a statement. Retro is forever in style.


These were the few basic fashion looks for teens.